Gary A. Wellborn
Associate Professor of Biology
Director, The University of Oklahoma Biological Station

Phone: (405)325-1421/7430
Fax: (405)325-6202


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Gary A. WellbornCurrent Research Interests and Subject Areas Available for Graduate Research

In my lab, we explore ways in which interactions among species, such as predation and competition, influence the origin and maintenance of species diversity on both ecological and evolutionary scales. My approach is mechanistic. That is, I study how traits of individuals, such as body size, life history, and behavior, influence the nature of species interactions and ultimately generate patterns in populations and communities. Furthermore, I study how these interactions shape species evolution and lineage diversification. My study systems are freshwater animal communities, and for the past several years I have explored the ecology and evolution of freshwater crustaceans in the genus Hyalella. Please visit my lab website for more information.ior.

To learn more about this research, visit Dr. Wellborn's web page.


Ph.D., University of Michigan

M.S., University of Texas

B.S., University of Texas




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Recent publications:

  • Wellborn, G. A., and E. Capps. 2013. Establishment of a new population by a single gravid colonist: implications for Hyalella biogeography and speciation. Evolutionary Ecology 27: 101-115.

  • Cothran, R. D., A. Kuzmic, G. A. Wellborn, and R. A. Relyea. 2010. Phenotypic manipulation provides insights into the function of a sexually selected trait in a freshwater crustacean. Animal Behavoiur 80: 543-549.

  • Wellborn, G.A., and R. Broughton. 2008. Diversification on an ecologically constrained adaptive landscape. Molecular Ecology 17: 2927-2936.

  • Wellborn, G. A., and R. D. Cothran. 2007. Niche diversity in crustacean cryptic species: complementarity in spatial distribution and predation risk. Oecologia 154: 175-183.

  • Wellborn, G. A., and R. D. Cothran. 2007. Evolution and ecology of mating behavior in freshwater amphipods. In E. Duffy and M. Thiel, editors. Evolutionary ecology of social and sexual systems: crustaceans as model organisms. Oxford University Press.




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